The Journal

The About Me page was one thing, but this is overkill...

This is where I write whatever I'm thinking of. If I have a thought that I want to share with the world, it'll probably go here.

I want this to be a space that could be enjoyed by you and myself. So sit back and chill while you listen to my weird (and interesting) thoughts. Hopefully some of these aren't too rambly.

At the moment, content is categorized in chronological order by most recent date. I will categorize by topic once I get more writings on this page.

(Note that dates are formatted as M/D/Y)

8/7/2023 - Retro Normalization

1/18/2023 - The Magic of Technology

11/4/2022 - Extistential Crisis

10/22/2022 - Tendency for Negativity

10/7/2022 - Playing the System

10/4/2022 - Finding Motivation