All About Nippo

Now you get to know the Niplore

Hi there, I'm Nippo. Just another random person on the internet here. I think the best way to get an idea of my personality and interests is to browse my site. It pretty much oozes my personality. But, I wanted to create a page that kinda breaks it all down. Tl;dr, this page is to show you why you should care about my existence =)

I'm a big tech nerd, I think that's the best way I could explain myself in as few words as possible. I love to explore technology of the past, and how it has led to where we are today. Most of this technology is associated with video games, but I also enjoy studying the life-styles and habits of people during times where I haven't existed yet.

Times before mine feel like a strange realm. It is a time that I never was, and never will, be able to experience. I find it difficult to enjoy the present. Sometimes, thinking about the past reminds me that I should just live life how it is right now, just like how those in the past probably did. I enjoy archiving moments of my life, mostly through recording. I want to be able to look back at these videos to get a glimpse of a previous time. Kinda weird to think that our present will eventually be the past.

I take on way too many hobbies, and I tend to fall in and out of majority of them. The plus is that nothing ever feels monotonous, but the down side is that I feel like a jack of all trades, master of none (this may not be true in reality but it definitely feels this way). Below are some hobbies I enjoy.

I pretty much live for video games, but the irony is that I spend more time collecting and repairing consoles rather than playing them. Repairing and modding consoles is a fun (but sometimes stressful) hobby that can be cost effective if you enjoy collecting consoles. I play older games way more often than newer ones. The only music I listen to are video game OSTs or chiptune compositions.

One of my largest goals is to become an indie game developer, which is why I am a huge fan of coding, art, and music. I have many ideas on my mind for what I could make, but I just gotta do it. Hopefully you see my name out there someday.

I enjoy streaming games and playing them live. I used to speedrun a lot of games, notably ones from the Kirby series. If you'd like to see my speedrun repertoire you can click here. I stream these speedruns on Twitch if you'd like to check them out.

I draw art from time to time (this background was designed by me a few years ago). All art of my character on this site (his name is Brulee) is drawn by me.

I like to mess with music. I am a beginner, and I am currently only doing covers of songs that I like. I hope to gain the confidence to compose someday.

I am currently learning Japanese. It is very difficult, so I sometimes lose motivation to continue, but I always end up learning again eventually. 日本語は時々分かります。

I think I've exhausted everything about myself, hope that's enough to keep you interested =)
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Q: How do you pronounce your name?
A: However you'd like, I'm not picky.

Q: Can I call you Nip, or Nipster, or Nippy, or Nipsauce, or or or or???
A: Sure I don't care. Also you sound like a seal lol

Q: Where does your username come from?
A: A dumb joke (it is not related to "Nippon").

Q: Are you a furry?
A: That's for you to figure out.

Q: Why did you make this website?
A: I hate social media, and you could too. Learn how to make a website here.