Speedrun Catalog

Here you can read about all the games I have done speedruns for!

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I am currently running Kirby's Avalanche for Super Nintendo.

What I Speedrun

My speedrunning history is mainly tied to the Kirby series, but also has some diversity outside of Kirby. Majority of the games I speedrun are either games I have enjoyed casually, or games that have very fun speedrun routes. I enjoy games that are fast-paced and/or have room for innovation.

If you'd like a more detailed description of where I ended up, you can check it out here.

Most Notable Runs

These are runs that took the most effort to achieve:

Kirby Super Star is my most played speedrun ever.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land, specifically 100%, is the longest speedrun I have ever grinded for, with the run coming in at 2 and a half hours.

Kirby's Dream Collection is an annual race I participate in, which is to beat the 6 classic games in a row that come with the collection. The game is a Wii title that was released for Kirby's 20th anniversary.

Sparkster for SNES is a game I started recently playing because of how fast the game is. I enjoy the speedrun but not so much as a casual game.

Game Platform Category Time # Date Links
Kirby Super Star SNES Any% 35m 26s 12th Sep 4 2021 yt ttv src
100% 1h 11m 04s 5th Jan 6 2022 yt src
The Arena 3m 35s 050ms IGT 7th Jun 15 2021 yt ttv src
Kirby's Return to Dreamland Wii U Any% Main Mode 1h 38m 23s 6th Apr 24 2022 yt src
100% Main Mode 2h 34m 47s 2nd Apr 5 2022 yt src
Kirby's Dream Collection Wii All Classic Titles 5h 49m 29s 7th Jun 12 2022 yt ttv src
Sparkster SNES Beat Normal Mode 20m 07s 7th Sep 2 2022 yt src

Kirby Series Speedruns

This is my list of Kirby games I have done speedruns for:

Kirby is by far my most played series from a casual and speedrunning point of view.

Most of these games were played for the sake of learning the routes for the Dream Collection race.

Kirby's Avalanche was a meme game that I played with Grample for a month or something and it sucks don't play it.

Game Platform Category Time # Date Links
Kirby's Dream Land Wii VC GB Any% 19m 36s 423rd Apr 26 2021 ttv src
Kirby's Adventure Wii VC NES Any% No Major Glitches 1h 01m 30s 37th Feb 11 2021 yt ttv src
Kirby's Avalanche SNES EMU Beat Easy Mode 23m 40s 8th Feb 23 2021 ttv src
Beat Normal Mode 24m 30s 7th Feb 23 2021 ttv src
Kirby's Dream Land 2 Wii VC GB Any% 45m 19s 18th Jul 7 2021 yt src
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Wii VC N64 Any% 1h 13m 19s 33rd Feb 18 2022 yt src
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Game Boy Player GBA Any% 31m 05s 34th May 10 2022 yt src
Kirby Super Star Ultra DS Beat RoTK (Any%) 54m 55s 8th May 22 2020 ttv src
100% 2h 12m 20s 5th Aug 27 2021 ttv src
Meta Knightmare Ultra 35m 04s 920ms IGT 62nd May 21 2020 ttv src

Miscellaneous Speedruns

These are the rest of my speedruns outside of the Kirby series:

Although they are not Kirby games, I still enjoyed these runs a bunch.

You'll notice that pretty much all of these runs are on the DS, and that is mainly because I am a huge fan of DS games.

I love SNES games as well. Although I haven't done many runs on the SNES, I am still looking through the library for potential speedruns.

Game Platform Category Time # Date Links
Mario Kart DS DS 32 Tracks 1h 00m 19s 38rd Nov 24 2021 yt src
New Super Mario Bros. DS Any% 25m 38s 68th Jun 8 2020 ttv src
Super Scribblenauts DS Any% 43m 54s 3rd May 28 2020 ttv src
The Legendary Starfy DS Any% 2h 00m 17s 3rd Dec 12 2021 yt src
Puyo Puyo 7 DS Story (Easy) NG+ 43m 16s 1st Dec 12 2020 ttv src
Insaniquarium Deluxe PC Bonus Adventure No RNG Manip 1h 50m 07s 4th Sep 29 2020 ttv src