08/7/2023 - Been a While

Hi! It's been a while since I have made any major updates to this site. I got a bit burnt out, sidetracked by other things, and etc. I am still very active on the internet, and I should be giving my own website some love, but oh well.

I have been updating the site, but it has either been back-end related or very minimal changes that wasn't worth writing here. But some things include...

So yeah, that's about it. Other than this website, I've been doing speedrunning stuff, getting into more retro console mods (soldering, yay), and teaching myself more coding languages.

Until next time. Goobye :3

01/30/2023 - Site Renovations

Short one for today cuz I'm tired (edit: I guess it wasn't short lol). Navbar is completely gone, and everything is now front and center on the homepage! The navbar felt way too clunky for my liking, and I prefer my site to be structured this way instead. I think it makes it easier organizing stuff as well. We will see how it goes... =3c

Music player is now a pop-out window for convenience, and I will be attempting to update it with some cool features and new tracks (ambitious, I know). I also want to add some new pages and perhaps renovate the Retro section as well. I'm very indecisive, I might change my mind. I guess it'll be a surprise.

Before I forget, I am greatful for the amount of people checking out my site! Like, 50k views on Neocities... dang I didn't know I'd be that interesting x)

It really warms my heart when I read the nice messages in the guestbook and the private emails that are sent to me. I am glad my site can be a place that people enjoy coming back to every once in a while! I am also pleased that people enjoy the "old web" aesthetic. It was what I was going for, so I succeeded in that department =)

Also yes my guestbook was "broken" for a bit... oops. I want to thank Sif Muna for notifying me of that!!!

Welp, I'm really sleepy, so goodnight.

01/18/2023 - Long Time No See

It's been a while since I've updated the site with any significant changes. So hi! I just haven't had much motivation to work on anything big with this website, except for the KSS RNG tools I made, which is mostly backend. I figured I would get some sort of burn-out with working on this site, so I just need to wait for the creative juices to start flowing again. I am considering doing an entire redesign on the structure of my site, as I am not a huge fan of the navbar. It was a fun idea, but I feel like the navbar takes up unnecessary screen real-estate.

I still need to finish many things on this website, such as my Retro and Art pages, both of which have been incomplete for several months now. I am not the most confident when it comes to sharing my art, so I have been hesitant to even populate the page to begin with. I may have been overambitious. However, for the Retro page, I would like to expand more on it. My retro setup has changed since I have created the page, and I would like to provide in-depth descriptions of what my exact setup is, as my setup has grown more to accomodate capturing retro games in the highest quality possible. I'm considering if I should change the layout of the page too. I think the font is too small, and most of the page is taken up by the background and not the actual text content.

I am considering expanding the Speedrunning page more. I want to write in-depth guides for how to speedrun the games I love, as well as providing insight on what certain terminology means and how to do tricks. I think they would be interesting to read even if one was not into the speedrunning hobby. I hope I will commit to writing these as I am bored out of my mind in college classes, lol.

This post was basically just to say "hey, I'm still here". I like to bounce around hobbies. It is hard to keep up with them all, coding being one of them. I'll be back in my coding space soon. Until next time.

10/24/2022 - More site and life updates

Another generic news post here, back again to bring some site updates! First off, the site now has its own domain name: nippoverse.xyz. I've always wanted to get a custom domain on this site for a while, but couldn't make up my mind. I finally bought it though, and I prefer it more over nippo.neocities.org

Second site update, I added an accessibility(?) feature to toggle off the navbar. This is for if you find it distracting or just don't like how it looks along with all the other content. Feel free to use it here.

Last thing I would like to do is get an RSS feed up and running on this site for things like news posts, journal entries, and site updates. I just gotta figure it all out first. Stay tuned for that though!

Life stuff now: I unfortunately didn't make it into SGDQ 2023, which is understandable given that the run I submitted is 2 and a half hours. I am hoping that I could potentially get accepted next year, and I will also submit any% as a backup, which I honestly should've done from the start. Everything happens for a reason though.

That's it for now. Life's going as usual. Until next time when I have more updates...

10/17/2022 - Site updates and other stuffs

Hello peoples, I have been a bit slow with the site updates (at least for my standards), but I managed to add some more stuff overtime, that being the Journal tab and (unfinished) Art tab. I also added some more music to the playlist and added a favicon to the site. After a month the site is looking pretty neat! I just need to touch up on some unfinished pages at some point but I have been lazy. I may also redo the welcome screen so that it looks a bit neater and to fit a spot for webrings (a lot of webrings don't play nice with frame pages).

As for what I have been up to, I have been addicted to Splatoon 3 since it came out. It's such a fun game, and it's hard to not play it. I have also been trying to get back into speedrunning Kirby RtDL, this time with any%. I also applied 100% to AGDQ2023, so I will update back if I made it in!

So that's about it. Another (somewhat boring and uneventful) news post. As for the navbar, I pretty much have everything that I wanted to add, so future additions will require a bit more thought on my part. Hope you have a good night. =)

9/27/2022 - I added the music player thingy

So for some reason I had the itch to add the music player. There it is!!! Look at how cool it is!! I also added a credits page, since I think that there are some people out there that deserve proper credit, even if they didn't directly help me.

I can't believe I got the music player done in a single night, I was just in the coding mood. I did not expect this yesterday. Just glad it's implemented cuz adding songs to it is relatively easy! I would love to expand the song library, but I'm just too tired to add any more songs for today. Feel free to send me song suggestions, if you have any!

Current plans moving forward is to finish up the Retro section. Later on, I would like to add a section for journaling, as I would like a page to just talk about anything I'd like. I think it'll be fun.

I don't wanna burn out though, so I may take a break. I'm just real excited for all the work I've done! I am taking a lot of ambitious measures, like instead of actually making site content I'm working on a tiny music player ^^; I can't get my priorities straight, okay?

9/26/2022 - Actually updating the navbar???

Yes, you heard that right, I'm finally working on the other sections of my website! I still have more planned, so I'll just slowly populate the navbar as I keep getting stuff done. Take a gander at the retro section, it's brand spanking new cuz I just worked on it like a minute ago as of writing this.

ALSO, I'm considering a change in how I handle music on this site. Rather than a page by page basis, I might just slap a music player in the navbar for background music I enjoy. I think it would make the site a bit better, rather than "forcing" music on specific pages. I dunno! If you have an opinion I suppose you can tell me.

Anyways, that's all for now. I don't really make update posts or anything as I work on the site cuz I typically do it in short bursts. So if you're that interested in how it improves just check back every day or something. Cuz everyone has time for that, right? :p

9/16/2022 - The First News Post

Hello fellow internet dwellers! I'm glad you ended up finding my page here. So far work on this website has been going great. I am almost done finishing up the "Home" section, which will then open up many opportunities for myself to start posting blogs and other great info. I am hoping to share my love for retro gaming and vintage tech here!

I am very happy to see this website finally coming together. It's looking very nice, I am looking forward to expanding it further. Thanks for tuning in. :)