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Anonymous -


Video game suggestions?

Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom (NES)



Video game suggestions?

alright i actually have one this time

How'd you find this website?

bookmarks tab

So I remember this wii game with cats that do magic, it was kinda like a board game. I didn't fully understand the rules nor the premise at the time - I was somewhere between 6 and 8 years old. There was like a war I think. I don't remember what it was called either, but if you could somehow find it, I would like to see it played!

Uh, otherwise; Good job on the site!

// :3



Video game suggestions?

Klonoa but you likely know

How'd you find this website?

the speedrun analysis vid shoutout

Heyo bud! Found out about you in that vid, and i was like: hey that guy's pfp looks super sweet, wonder if i can check them out somehow, and then i stumbled upon this site... Absolutely perfect this place is. A beautiful haven fitting of someone with all those interests!

...of which i think we share a lot, obviously KSS obsession (although im too clueless to speedrun) and a fan of a lot of pretty cutesy mons, heck you're my instant friend if you love the Ccino line. Also some little things, like basically only listening to VGMs and stuff... overall a pretty cute guy, with a lot of skill and tech knowledge to back it up!

Hope to catch you on a stream someday to say hi!



Video game suggestions?

Starbound, Undertale Yellow, Signalis, Outpatient ;) , Bug Fables, Crosscode

How'd you find this website?

IRL Friend + instagram + discord + been meaning to check it out

Heya Nippo (idk if you have your real name up here so I'm using that), life has been kinda busy for me as of late but I wanted to atleast get the chance to check this out and seeing this guest book section here, I figured I may as well say how insanely cool this website is, this is honestly something I would absolutely want to try for myself.

You did such a great job on it (idk how long you've had this site up but regardless of time it's still really cool), it honestly reminds me of those older website designs and I am such a sucker for this kind of style. I might honestly ask you later how you made this but probably not till the summer maybe when I'm more free to chat about stuff (in general tbh) and not leave on read without responding because I got distracted or busy lol (I do that way too much and then just feel more awkward not saying stuff the longer it is).

Anyways, I'll end off just saying how amazing all the stuff you've done and hope all is going well.

Also ig as something extra, I've been learning French as of late. Bonne journée et a bientôt, Nippo ! :)

Ray Karr -


Video game suggestions?

Anodyne 2, Deep Space 9 - The Fallen, Deus Ex

How'd you find this website?

The Furryring

I'm extremely new to exploring the internet this way, and this site was one of the coolest things I could have found, very motivating :3

Super fun site, I love how much passion it has



Video game suggestions?

Cave Story, Radiant Historia, Omori, Oneshot

How'd you find this website?

discord bio

Very chill site, I love it here :)

(great music taste btw, Ima be listening to your list more often. I bet you'd enjoy module/demoscene music)

Best of luck on future endeavors!

niassu -


Video game suggestions?

I wouldn't know any retro titles that you haven't already tried, would I? Based on your definition of 'retro' though, I'd say you could try a Wii Sports speedrun. Dunno if it would be interesting though, but give it a try. I'll do my best to watch it.

How'd you find this website?

Originally, I found it through a webring. Was interested so I checked it out an kept it as a bookmark.

Keep up the good work.

// :3

Black Mage -


Video game suggestions?

Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls (Specifically the FF1 part, AMAZING RPG for the GBA)

How'd you find this website?

Linked from Daniele63's page!

Love the vibe of the site! Kirby has always been a favorite of mine so it's very nice to see pages like yours!

Also, Chad is awesome.


skelly_bones -


Video game suggestions?

hrmm maybe Don't Starve? or the Scott Pilgrim video game!

How'd you find this website?

through the hottest web ring eva

yoo another fella who loves old tech! glad to see others share my hobbies as well..keep doing what ur doing! :)

Crystal -


Video game suggestions?

Hollow Knight

How'd you find this website?

the hotline webring !!!

OH MY HECKING WORLD I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE !!! So cutsy and comfy. 10/10 definitely would recommend

Also, obligatory POYO!!!



Hey, any idea when you'll be back to fix our kitchen sink? My wife was home alone when you came last time and she said you were great, but our sink still leaks!?



Video game suggestions?

Imagine playing a Fallout game

How'd you find this website?

I can sense gay people *SNIIFFF*

Just took the wettest dump, AMA



Video game suggestions?

monster rancher advance 2 (GBA), tail of the sun (PS1)

How'd you find this website?

through the furry webring!

everything about this site is everything i've eeeever loved about the old web! love the midis and mix-n-match icons and all. im so inspired i want to make a site too! good job!!!!!!!!

Sif Muna -


Video game suggestions?

Rain World, Memoirs of Magic

How'd you find this website?

Friend of a friend's button!

I love your site, the retro colorful look's super cute! Looking forward to seeing your art stuff in the future!

Bechno Kid -


Video game suggestions?

Monster Hunter World, Monster Hunter Rise

How'd you find this website?

I found you from a notification that you followed heckmaster. Your name is cool. B)

Even if you were born in the 2000s it is really nice to see more people who want to learn more about older video games and technology in general! You might meet people who will tell you that learning about it is different than actually living in it, and while it is true, there's nothing wrong with wanting to learn the history of technology and how it's evolved!!

Also, your site is super colorful and I love it. Keep up the great work!!

Bloktic -


Video game suggestions?

I found his old freeware game called Within a Deep Forest the other day.

How'd you find this website?

Nippo posted in my guestbook.

Neat site! Can't wait to see more of it, along with your art. Really like the Kirby navbar.

mrpibb -


Video game suggestions?

disco elysium, brigador, vintage story

How'd you find this website?

neocities activity wall

cool site :)



Video game suggestions?


How'd you find this website?

Noppi himself

I'm excited to read more of your journal entries :D

Daniele -


Video game suggestions?

Kirby Air Ride, Zelda Windwaker, Mario 64 DS are cool i guess

How'd you find this website?

Searched for kirby websites on neocities

Enjoying the banger songs

Replied on 10-24-2022:

Glad you enjoy them!

dimwit -


Video game suggestions?

idk.. mario 64, gunstar heroes

How'd you find this website?

some discord

cool site i like