Useful Resources

These are various projects I have either made myself or found online that I believe are very useful.

You are free to use these as you please. I would appreciate any credit to the original authors if these are shared.


Kirby Super Star RNG Documentation

Various research of Kirby Super Star RNG conducted by myself, as well as with the help of WaddleDX.

Kirby Super Star TAS Wiki

A wiki for technical information on Kirby Super Star. Although it is called the "TAS" wiki, it has some interesting information even to those who aren't interested in the speedrunning scene. The page is in Japanese, so it will need to be translated into English. This page was organized by WaddleDX.

Practice Hacks

Kirby Super Star Practice Hack


A Kirby Super Star practice hack for speedrunning. Can be played on flashcart. I have not completed all of MWW and planned to add more but lost motivation to continue. This hack was made in PopStarCore. The file included is the patch file, you will need to patch the ROM yourself with LunarIPS. Meant for the NTSC-J version of the game

Golden's KSS Practice Hack


Another KSS practice hack, but more refined with save states and a frame counter (aka a practice hack that was not just slapped together in a level editor). This hack was developed by GoldenEpsilon. Instructions on how to use the hack are in the readme. The file included is the patch file, you will need to patch the ROM yourself with LunarIPS. Meant for the NTSC-U version of the game.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land Practice Hack


This is a KRtDL hack that makes speedrun practicing easier. This hack was made in ReturnToMap. Instructions for how to use and installation are in the readme. (Last updated Oct. 14, 2022)

Level Editors

PopStarCore English Translation


An English translation for the Kirby Super Star level editor, PopStarCore. Note that some menus are buggy, and due to character limits, some translations may have shortened words. This project was started by Chuterix and Pancake001, which was then worked on by myself. Note that the entire program is not complete but most of it is translated. You can find documents for the program here: Manual, and How-To Guide, but will need to be translated into English.



A level editor for Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land. I don't play KNiDL and never used this myself, but it's a Kirby level editor so it is deemed worthy here.



This is a Kirby's Return to Dream Land level editor that does not have an English translation. I put it on this website for archival purposes and to also make people aware that it exists. This program was originally translated from Chinese into Japanese. The original website is here.